2012. december 2., vasárnap

Vicc, 2. rész

A mai napi viccet szerintem már magyarul mindenki hallotta. Íme az angol megfelelője.

Jó szórakozást hozzá :-)

Job application

This is an actual job application a 17-year-old boy submitted at a McDonald's fast-food establishment in Florida.. And they hired him because he was so honest and funny!

- Name: Greg Bulmash

- Sex: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person.

- Desired position: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever is available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place.

- Desired salary: $185,000 a year. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle.

- Education: Yes.

- Hours available to work: Any.

- Preferred hours: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

- May we contact your current employer?: If I had one, would I be here?

- Do you smoke?: On the job no, on my breaks yes.

- What would you like to be doing in five years?: Living in the Bahamas with a fabulously wealthy dumb sexy blonde super model who thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually, I'd like to be doing that now.

- Do you certify that the above is true and complete to the best of your knowledge?: Yes. Absolutely.


Job application = written request for a job
Actual = real
To hire = to employ
Picky = fussy, someone who chooses only what he/she likes
To haggle = to try to agree about the price of something, usually by arguing
Wealthy = rich
Dumb = stupid

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  1. Ez volt épp a 42. bejegyzésed a blogban, érdemes megünnepelni hisz a 42 = "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" ( The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

  2. Azt is meg lehet ünnepelni, hogy én voltam a 3900. látogató a blogon a számláló szerint :-)